produzione vino lugana desenzano del garda malavasi

About us

Company Policy

The Company Malavasi adopted as a philosophy of producing a program of improving the quality of its wines in a sustainable and reduced content of sulfur dioxide.
The Company’s products of Malavasi are created with the intent to excite the three senses of vision, smell and taste in harmony with the unique characteristics of an area suited to viticulture for its calcareous clays that transmit minerality and a climate influenced by the proximity of the lake that enables higher temperature enhancing the aromas, the end result is amplified by a vine (Turbiana) which characterizes and identifies with its scents and flavors the beauty of the land where it was born


Business History

For 4 generations  the family Malavasi is devoted to agriculture and especially viticulture.
Since the nineteenth century, in the early days of the industrial revolution, the great-grandfather Tita produced wine, mainly used for payments in kind to the 50 families who worked for him in the company fund.
In the following years viticulture acquired an increasingly important role in the family business and started the production of wine for sale to the public
After vinification and procedures of pressing, the grandfather Callisto used to lay the stalks into the well to flavor the water.
Great was the feast in the court and the participation of the whole family and the settlers, as it has always been the greatest value of brotherhood that always occurs in memory and in family life of Malavasi


produzione vino lugana desenzano del garda malavasi

Features Business

The company currently occupies 14.5 hectares of vineyards located in two different areas of Lake Garda, the first in the town of Pozzolengo where it is grown and produced Lugana where you will find the corporate headquarters, the wine cellar and storage.
The second vineyard is located in the municipality of Gavardo where they are grown and produced our Chiaretto, Red and sparkling wines (from Pinot Noir in purity).
From carefully selected grapes of the best vintages, thanks to an art wine that combines the ancient tradition and modern technology, were born Seven labels that correspond to wines of character, authentic expression of a unique terroir and prestigious:
Lugana Doc (Trebbiano di Lugana 100%)
San Giacomo (Lugana D.O.C. 2011 piccolo passaggio in Barrique)
Bianco del lago– Trebbiano 50%, Incrocio Manzoni 20%, Riesling 30%
Rosa del Lago – Valtenesi Chiaretto Doc (Groppello 50%, Marzemino 20% , Barbera 15% e Sangiovese 15%)
Nero del Lago – IGT Benaco Bresciano Rosso (Groppello, Marzemino, Barbera, Sangiovese e Cabernet)
Brut (Pinot noir 100%)
Brut Rosè (Pinot noir 100%)
Winery Malavasi Daniele, Lugana as it should be.
produzione vino lugana desenzano del garda malavasi


Territory … The Lugana

You can see halfway between Desenzano del Garda and Peschiera del Garda. For years, is a way station for travelers, thanks to its mild climate and its green lands, can only take place in the heart of Sirmione, for life.
Sirmione is a growing area of ​​the olive, mulberry and vine that magically turns into wines with great depth and undisputed reputation.
Sirmione is known both for its impressive castle, and for the famous caves of Catullus that for relaxing spas, but also for the prized local variety that is grown in this area on the shores of Lake Garda.
Lake Garda, sheltered by the surrounding mountains, enjoys a mild climate and environment that allows greater temperature ranges exalting the aromas of an area suited to viticulture for its calcareous clays that transmit minerality. The end result is a prestigious terroir that gives rise to an indigenous variety, the Turbiana or Trebbiano di Lugana, distinguishing trait by the scents, flavors and the beauty of the land where it was born.
The integrated cultivation and the type of land particularly limestone and clay, transmit to the wine structure and minerality unique compared. The unique features of this unique terroir added to winemaking processes careful to keep the wine as intact as possible, are the secrets to getting a product that stands out for character and typicality. The goal and commitment of the family Malavasi are entirely targeted to excite wine lovers.

Daniele Malavasi

Farmer for generations, presents his company with the pride of those who love their reality: a young, but already established, which is partly in the town of Pozzolengo surrounded by gentle hills morainic and partly in the municipality of Gavardo in the idyllic setting of Cascina Bolina, a romantic village steeped in history and charm.
The love for good wine, mild climate which enjoys the proximity of Lake Garda and a ground
fruitful twelve acres are the secrets of an excellent terroir, encased in precious cameo Malavasi, the perfect place for an excellent production.
Thanks to the enhancement of the native grape, with a selection of the best grapes and a great passion, the wines of wine Malavasi express the fresh notes of Brut, the fruitfulness of Lugana, the harmony of the Black Lake and the soft strength rose lake. A concert of emotions that bears the label name Malavasi.